Our priority is Health & Safety

We are extremely excited to meet all of you, our friends and colleagues, at Game Access ‘24, live and face-to-face.

However, our good vibes must not take precedence over health. While the Czech government has removed most of the covid-19 restrictions, this crisis of these last years reminds us how easily can one's health fall into jeopardy.

That is why we put extra care into designing and implementing the Health and Safety policies of our Conference. A short informative summary is present on this page.

Entering the event

Entering and attending events is currently not restricted by the Czech government

However, we would still like to ask all of our attendees to be careful with their health, and try to limit the chances of injuring themselves or others trough exposure to disease, be it Covid-19 or something else. Watch out for symptoms and don't take them lightly.

Tickets can be returned, tickets can be exchanged, but the loss of health is forever.

Travelling to the Czech Republic

As of 9th April 2022, the protective measures regarding the conditions of entry into the Czech Republic in relation to the epidemic of covid-19 have been suspended. Entry into the Czech Republic is no longer subject to any special epidemiological conditions.

Source: Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic

Masks and respirators

Wearing respiratory protection at indoor events is currently not mandatory in the Czech Republic at time of writing.

You are still more than welcome to wear a respirator for extra protection when in public places; Many Czechs do so.


Ample hand sanitizer will be provided on-site, both to our attendees and to our staff, who are instructed to disinfect their work stations, common areas and catering zones several times a day.

In the case of an emergency

For the entire duration of the event, medical and firefighter personnel will be present and ready to respond to any emergencies, covid-related or otherwise.

These Health and Safety guidelines were updated on 24.01.2024.